This page contains a complete list of all episodes of Mazica Party along with their air dates and short summaries.


No. Screenshot Episode Title Japanese airdate
01 Mazica Party - 01 - Japanese.png N-N-No Way! Am I Really a Wizard?
ママママジか!? オレがほんとの魔法使い!?
Mamamamaji ka!? Ore ga honto no mahōtsukai!?
April 04, 2021
02 Mazica Party - 02 - Japanese.png Star Pupil Fukulock!? The Invitation from Mazica Academy!
優等生フクロック!? マジカアカデミーへの招待!
Yūtōsei fukurokku!? Majikaakademī e no shōtai!
April 11, 2021
03 Mazica Party - 03 - Japanese.png Anglerfish! It's a Disco YO!
ディスりアンコウ! ディスコウだYO!
Disuri ankō! Disukouda YO!
April 18, 2021
04 Mazica Party - 04 - Japanese.png Runaway! Wanisuke and the Mysterious Wizard!
Bōsō! Wanisuke to nazo no mahōtsukai!
April 25, 2021
05 Mazica Party - 05 - Japanese.png Evolve with Your Bond!? Kezuru and Ballonya's Special Training!
キズナで進化!? ケズルとバルニャー猛特訓!
Kizuna de shinka!? Kezuru to barunyā mō tokkun!
May 02, 2021
06 130px Clutch, I'm going to challenge the trials ♪
Kura tchi, shiren ni chōsen shicha ima ~ su ♪
May 09, 2021
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