Listed here are all accounts who ever edited Mazica Party Wiki sorted after the date of their first edit.

Note: Because of the advent of the Unified Community Platform (UCP) users who only are present through discussions, message wall threads or blog or article comments will be listed in brackets. However, this is just true for users who were present through this after the launch of the UCP, as older posts on message walls or blog or article comments are still counted as normal edits, even when on the UCP. As with the discussions, we have to go back to the year 2016, as they were introduced around this time.


No. Avatar User Join Date
Avatar001.gif Moviejunkie2009 March 03, 2021
Avatar002.png FANDOM March 03, 2021
Avatar003.jpg Y-Encounter March 07, 2021
Avatar004.jpg ShinkarionE2Thomas April 04, 2021
Avatar005.png Takowowo April 07, 2021
Avatar006.png Griffguy26 April 25, 2021
Avatar007.png Kaiasa Hiroshi May 08, 2021
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